25 February 2010

Ahli 1577 - Where ever it breaks to

Do you realize that nowadays friends are like forgeting their friends even they dont realize or they make dont know .maybe i wrote this to specify this post to someone..like they say,-i will never forget u or they will say..friends foreva!!...it like almost 99.99% in this world will say like that to their friend.i dont know you guys out there?? like i said earlier i wrote this post actually to tell bout the experience that ive been through..i just dont understand why could this happend..another out of the topic based on the theory,about coupling.....soryy for those who are out there,
3-friends(okok relationship)
4-bad relation("u are not my bf/gf anymore,so leave me alone!!!)
5-no relation
if this is true...why people should repeat again.....haha..anyway...friends suppose to backup each other rite...and not to forget each other...rite??
sorry for some crap here....

nw.....i got nothing to say more...on behalf of 1577,this is where 1577 starts to live up..

by the unspoken....(=.=")

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