17 July 2011

Ahli 1577 - ATTENTION

To all 1577.....

i'm not that perfect if u told me too... under supreme burden.. i dont really get to hangout with u guys... i'm sorry for that... u guys r my brother n my family...

i know that im different from u guys.. u guys r still the best that i got... the best frenz that one man could have in his life...

lately, have make me to realise that i'm not like u guys... i dont have that much time.. i have to study n do alot of stuff that actually disturbed our time of seeing together.... some of u hurt me from inside without realising that its smack me really hard.. it's stone me..

i know that im no use to the geng.. but at least i've create the blog so that u could know each other status.... i put some picture...

im gonna let u know my future plan.. after i established 1577 community.. with higher percentage i will leave all of this into ur guys hand. sorry guys... it just to mush for me..... i will reinforce tis group into a company..... thats all.... i will leave tis group somehow... just not no gotta help u guys stick together..as i can see u

guys are far apart from each other.. my plan...

1. 1577 T-shirt
2. 1577 phone number
3. 1577 established business
4. 1577 strike 4 flat.
5. 1577 company ( means u guys works for 5 years experience n we rebuild our company)

1577 company..

feisal in art n graphic design to help azrul n shameel..
saiful in business
me n acap on mechanical stuff
asrin n is n naufaal on chemical stuff
abshar calculation part
azrul in naval
shameel in aircraft

(complete sets bro....) u guys just dont realise it.. but i do... we'll have that chance some how.. i have faith in u guys..

after that gudbye...........

by mohd aiman

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